Waterford Man Punches Female Coworker During Bar Fight

A Waterford man allegedly punched his female coworker knocking her teeth out of their sockets at a bar in Burlington over a joke.

According to police the incident occurred in May at Lucky Mojos.

The Waterford man has been charged with two counts of substantial battery and one  count of disorderly conduct.

According to the complaint, the suspect hit two individuals that night at the bar, and allegedly sent a Facebook message to one of the victim’s later on saying he would pay for medical bills. 

One of the victim’s was a coworker of the suspect.

The female victim told police said one of her friends jokingly said something mean to her. The suspect was insulted and began arguing. She said she was trying to calm the argument when Jeffrey Decker hit her in the mouth.

She said her teeth were completely knocked out of their sockets.

When asked by police if Decker had been drinking the night of the incident he said his memory was fuzzy and he had a lot to drink.

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