Washington County woman named “Midwest Nurse of the Year”

NOW: Washington County woman named “Midwest Nurse of the Year”

JACKSON, Wis. (CBS 58) – A nurse with BrightStar Care in Jackson was named the company’s “Midwest Nurse of the Year”.

Jamie Stephenson was given the award at a surprise party on Monday. Stephenson said she knew she was nominated but didn’t know that she won. When she got to the company’s office, family, co-workers and patients were waiting outside to tell her the good news.

Her boss said she always goes above and beyond for her patients and that’s one reason why he nominated her.

“Whatever time of day, whatever it is, she’ll do whatever is needed to work with those people,” BrightStar franchise owner Rick Lincoln said.

Stephenson has been a nurse for ten years. She’s worked for BrightStar Care for two years.

“This isn’t a job for me, it’s a higher calling and I get to spend my life doing things for other people and that brings me happiness," Stephenson said.

Stephenson will go to a national awards ceremony in April. At the ceremony, she could be named the company’s national nurse of the year.

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