Warning for voters mailing in absentee ballots

A warning for voters from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, after hundreds absentee ballots across the state have been handed in incomplete.

The problem lies at the bottom of the absentee envelope. For the first time, voters sending in their ballots need a signature and full addresses including the city.

There have been a handful of incomplete ballots here in Waukesha, and hundreds of cases reported in Milwaukee, Racine, and Madison according to the Wisconsin Election Commission, who sent out a memo Wednesday standing by their decision requiring this information.

The Waukesha clerk’s office sent out instruction forms, and even highlighted the important changes this year. They are also trying to get ahold of anyone who hasn’t completed it. 

They say if you want your vote to count, have the witness fill out all the information, and get your absentee ballot in as early as possible.

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