Warmest temps of the year arrive for Memorial Day with an isolated rain chance

NOW: Warmest temps of the year arrive for Memorial Day with an isolated rain chance

Sunday was a beautiful day in southeast Wisconsin as storms stayed away and there was just enough cloud cover and breeze to keep the heat and humidity at bay. Almost everyone was in the 80s for highs but Milwaukee and Racine saw a lake breeze develop around lunchtime that kept temperatures down just a touch. The 79* high in Milwaukee is tied for the warmest temperature this year but still falls short of 80*.

It has now been 238 days since we've last had a high in the 80s. The last time was an 87* day at the end of September. It's a little unusual for us to have not seen an 80 in Milwaukee yet this far into the year. On Average the first 80* day happens at the end of April. The record for the latest first 80* day is June 19 which happened back in 1924. If Milwaukee does hit 80* as expected on Memorial Day it would be the 20th latest first 80* day on record.

High temperatures on Memorial Day will likely be close to, if not just a little warmer than Sunday with many reaching the low 80s.

The summer-like heat will continue for a few more days with highs still around 80* Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday will be our day of change as a front moves through and then a lake breeze develops for the weekend with highs around 70*.

In addition to some of the warmth expect it to feel fairly humid. Dew points will stay in the upper half of the 60s the next three days putting humidity solidly in the muggy category. For perspective, the maximum dew point on Sunday was 64* where it felt slightly humid. 

With all the heat and humidity it will be a great day to be out at the pool! Make sure to apply sunscreen thought, with a UV Index of 9 it is very high and burn time is 20 minutes or less.

There is also a chance for isolated showers and storms throughout the day. A shower moved through some southern communities Monday morning. Most will stay dry but some isolated showers and storms are possible.

Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to track any of the showers and storms that do pop up. 

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