Walmart CEO announces pay raise for associates

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon sent a letter and video to the company's U.S. associates, outlining a change in pay for new and current employees.

Employees and worker advocates have been vocal about Walmart pay rates for years through strikes and protests, including large protests on Black Friday. Employees submitted strike notices to their bosses on what's known as the biggest shopping day of the year, calling for higher wages and better hours and workplace conditions. 

McMillon says he is working towards creating better environment for Walmart associates through a package of changes at its U.S. stores. The company is raising its entry wage to at least $9 in April. By February 2016, all current associates will earn at least $10 an hour. In the video, the CEO also announced a program for future associates. New Walmart associates will be hired at $9 an hour or more in 2016, receive skills-based training for six months, and then be guaranteed at least $10 an hour upon successful completion of that program. In department manager roles, the starting wage will go up to at least $13 an hour this summer and at least $15 an hour in early 2016.

Read the full letter here

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