Voter turnout low in Milwaukee County for spring primary

NOW: Voter turnout low in Milwaukee County for spring primary

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Voters took to the polls on for Wisconsin's spring primary election on Tuesday, Feb. 18. So how was the turnout? 

According to the unofficial numbers, about 67,000 people cast their ballots in the primary race in Milwaukee County. 

There are about 290,000 registered voters in Milwaukee County, meaning the voter turnout for the primary was 23 percent. 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee said it was a lousy turnout for such an important election. 

"When you think about sort of the importance of each election and in this case it was like a runoff election. It was to eliminate people for a final round. About 700,000 votes were cast for the State Supreme Court, compare that to the three million votes being cast in the late presidential election. Now, the presidential election is sort of sexier and it’s the final where this is a primary. But, nonetheless I think it’s an indication that whatever mobilization there is with voters we didn’t see it. We didn’t see a red wave. We didn’t see a blue wave," said Professor Lee. 

Lee predicts there will be a huge voter turnout on April 7, by both Democrats and Republicans because it's the same day as the presidential primary. 

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