'Their voice still matters:' Volunteers help pick up absentee ballots for people

NOW: ’Their voice still matters:’ Volunteers help pick up absentee ballots for people

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- "Sorry, my phone’s ringing," said Ashley Lee, in the middle of an interview. 

Her phone was ringing a lot Tuesday. 

"We are collecting ballots from people who feel afraid to leave their homes, who feel unclear on where to take their ballots," said Lee. 

She, and about 25 volunteers, collected absentee ballots from at least 80 different households and dropped them off at the proper location. 

"People have just been really grateful, like we had a lot of folks who have expressed, I wouldn’t have submitted my ballot, or I would have gone out and then I would have been wondering what would have happened to my grandmother or me," said Lee. 

People were able to submit their address and phone number online.

"I think the way that I move is, you need to try to do something about it," said Lee about the anger and sadness she said she felt about the events that transpired leading up to Election Day. 

Shavonda Sisson helped Lee coordinate the pickups. 

"To think that people had to make the decision between casting a vote and their health and safety, is the wildest thing I could have not imagined the day before yesterday," said Sisson. 

A decision she, too, had to make. 

 "I put in for my absentee ballot, never received it. My husband applied the same day, he received an envelope without a ballot in it, and because I need to be strictly quarantined, I can’t go to my polling place," Sisson said. 

A trip they worked to eliminate for others on Election Day. 

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