Vietnam Veteran Cycles From Texas to Washington D.C. to Get Names Added to Wall

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) A 74-year old Vietnam War veteran is riding his bicycle all the way from Texas to Washington D.C.

Del Francis is on a mission to get his 74 comrades' names added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Francis almost died on a warship 47 years ago after an Australian aircraft carrier cut it in half. The ship sank and all 74 sailors perished that day.

After writing numerous petitions and letters, Francis decided to do something different.

He just celebrated a birthday a couple of months ago and he says this will be a gift to himself.

"I turned 74 in May and I thought what better way to recognize my 74 shipmates than to ride a bicycle across the country making people aware of this this all the way. It's been an amazing ride," Francis said.

Francis is set to arrive in Washington D.C. on August 15th which will be the 74th day he's been on his journey.

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