Video: Glendale police pursuit ends along Milwaukee River

Video: Glendale police pursuit ends along Milwaukee River

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- We've reported many cases of reckless driving in and around Milwaukee this year. 

We now have video of a suspect leading police on a dangerous chase in Glendale.

It starts when police spot a stolen car and turn on their siren. The car, filled with people, does not stop. It takes off through the streets. 

At one point, an officer throws a spike strip out on the street, trying to stop the car, but the driver makes a right turn and avoids the strip.

The chase goes through a neighborhood and rolls over another spike strip.

Eventually, the driver of the pursued car does something that makes the chase even more dangerous.

"They're going in the wrong lane of traffic," an officer can be heard saying.

Not only does the car go in the wrong lane of traffic, it also rolls up on a sidewalk.

The chase finally ends when the car is driven onto a grassy area along the Milwaukee River. 

At least one person is seen jumping out of the car.

Glendale police say two men have been arrested.

One woman in the car faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon, and three other women in the car were released without charges.

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