Vandals damage the home of thousands of bees, community helps out

A bee pod in Currie Park in Wauwatosa was vandalized last week. However, thanks to the help of the Milwaukee based company Bee Pod and local bee keepers, the bees may survive winter.

The lack of honey placed the 40,000 bees at risk this winter.

"I’m just disappointed,” said Jon Canavan, golf and turf recreational manager for the Milwaukee County Parks Department. “You want to think the best of people but maybe they just had a dare or something, who knows."

Vandals ripped off the lid and smashed the honey cones.

"Fortunately the hive was OK, the bees were OK, and the queen was OK,” Canavan said. “The biggest issue is that we had no honey."

"A lot of people reached out to the county on Facebook wanting to donate, how to get the bees back together and that's the positive of this story, how people reacted and how positive people were," Canavan said.

 There’s a shortage of bees worldwide and the Milwaukee Parks Department installed two bee pods in the county to help with the problem.

"The big thing is pollinate for our food, without bees there are no apples, there's no nothing, they are vital for our environment," Canavan said.

If anyone has any information on who damaged the bee pod, call the Milwaukee Parks Department. They are also welcoming anyone who wants to help with the bee population.

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