UW Milwaukee Fraternity President arrested

MILWAUKEE-Thomas Kreinbring, who turned 28 Friday, was arrested after police executed a search warrant on the Tau Kappa Epsilon house on Oakland Avenue near the UW Milwaukee campus.

According to the complaint, officers found marijuana and prescription drugs in his room.

The house was investigated after several students were suspected to have been drugged during a party at the frat house.

The charges do not involve any date rape drug allegations.

The criminal complaint says female students were sold an $8 card that allowed them to drink for free from any of the bars in the home.

One student told police she noticed the bar tender move her drunk under the bar before handing it to her.

Another student claims to have only had three drinks, but doesn't remember going back to her or dorm or later to the hospital.

CBS 58's Lila Carrera has the latest.

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