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UPDATE: Police Union issues statement of support after D.A. announces decision not to charge Officer Matt Kenny

UPDATE: Following Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne's decision today to exonerate Madison Police Officer Matthew Kenny in the March 6 shooting of Tony Robinson, WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer, who is also the attorney for Officer Kenny, issued the following statement:

“We believe the district attorney's decision today to exonerate Officer Matthew Kenny was appropriate. The exhaustive independent and transparent investigation into this tragic incident has confirmed that Officer Kenny's actions on the night of March 6 were lawful and in response to a deadly threat, from which Officer Kenny sustained numerous injuries, including a concussion.

Despite this outcome, our hearts go out to Mr. Robinson's family, and we appreciate the challenges and emotions that this incident has inspired. As a city, we must now come together to engage in a community-wide dialogue to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the people it serves, and to otherwise move forward in a way that protects all of our citizens and the officers that police our streets. Just as Wisconsin has been a pioneer in terms of enacting groundbreaking reforms to ensure that officer-related deaths are investigated in an independent manner, so too can Madison provide a path for the rest of the nation to follow by engaging in a public discourse that ensures that the voices of our community do not go unheard.”

“The WPPA will be reviewing the detailed findings of the report and will be prepared to comment further as questions arise in the near future.”


The altercation occurred on March 6th between Matt Kenny and Tony Robinson Junior. The officer said he shot and killed the bi-racial teen in self-defense ignited protests city wide.

In a release, District Attorney Ishmael Ozanne said he will meet immediately after with the Robinson family.

The Robinson family will hold a press conference to give their reaction at 4:30 pm in Madison, Wis.

Robinson's Uncle Turin Harder told CBS 58 the families holding out hope for a charging decision. They believe this is something that should go to trial because of cloudy circumstances.

Carter said however the family is also prepared for no indictment today.

Community leader Michael Johnson said yesterday, he expects protests no matter what the decision is on May 12.

The protests are expected to be peaceful.

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