Unity in the Community aims to combat crime with community

NOW: Unity in the Community aims to combat crime with community

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- In light of the profound amount of gun violence and negativity across Milwaukee, hundreds gathered in Sherman Park Sunday, June 12 for an event aiming to help build community in the area to fight back.

Free food, groceries, gas and even pony rides were all part of the Unity in the Community: Beyond the Walls event Sunday, hosted by The Embassy Center.

"We're working with community partners and residents all to build relationships," said Embassy Center Pastor Jason Mims.

He said he hopes this event helps people get to know their neighbors better.

"We believe that if we establish that as the foundation, we can have difficult conversations and if we can have difficult conversations we can come up with solutions collaboratively to address the complex social ills that impact our community," said Mims.

Representatives from local grass roots organizations where there as well working together to address the issue of violence and other social ills.

"We all want to prevent violence, the negativity or the image that we hear when you say a certain street or think of a certain block," said Danielle 'DJ' Johnson with Safe and Sound Inc.

Attendees of the event said the help comes at a tough time for everyone, with gas and groceries being so expensive.

"I really needed it, so I really appreciate it," said Shawanda Birkley, who said she also appreciated the sense of community. "And that's what we need more of, you know coming together, helping one another out."

Pastor Mims said the event itself isn't a solution to many problems we face.

"There's a number of solutions that have to be met on different fronts," said Mims.

Unity in the Community could be a start of a solution.

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