Two Waukesha South baseball players make first appearance since tragic Waukesha Christmas parade

NOW: Two Waukesha South baseball players make first appearance since tragic Waukesha Christmas parade

WAUKESHA (CBS 58) -- A welcome sight on a Waukesha baseball diamond tonight. Two players injured in the tragic Christmas parade back in November have recovered enough to play again.

It was an emotional night as Erick Tiegs and Tyler Pudleiner started the game for the first time since their incredible rebound.

"I'm just excited. I mean it's cold. It's windy. It's baseball in Wisconsin in the spring, but I'm glad he's back out there," said Katie Pudleiner, Tyler's Mom.

When Waukesha South took on South Milwaukee, good times returned.

"We joke about things to get through stuff. So I thought why not embarrass him with these giant things?" said Jessi Tiegs, Erick's Mom.

But, all eyes were on the Blackshirts' starting pitcher and catcher.

"It's a start for these boys and I think it means a lot to them to do it together," said Jessi Tiegs.

Erick Tiegs and Tyler Pudleiner worked incredibly hard to make this day happen. Both suffered multiple injuries from a speeding SUV at the Christmas parade.

"They were all internal, so I was cut from here to here, yea, and then teeth damaged, but that's all been fixed thankfully so yea," said Tyler Pudleiner, Waukesha South High School Junior.

"For the longest time he couldn't tie his shoe. He couldn't bend over. He couldn't do just daily activities without being in a lot of pain," said Katie Pudleiner.

Therapy, good doctors and a supportive team that's been a true family got them here.

"They've been really supportive. They've always been there and they've gotten me whatever I've needed to succeed," said Erick Tiegs, Waukesha South High School Junior.

Physical therapy hasn't been easy, but the love of the sport kept them both devoted to it.

"He still walks with a limp. He's not very fast. He's not cleared to run, so you will not see him run the bases but he's getting there and that's all we can ask for," said Jessi Tiegs.

"I'm feeling really good and feeling excited and I'm just proud for myself and being able to come back out here and play," said Erick Tiegs.

"It's pretty special. I mean after what we both overcome you know, getting past that tragedy," said Tyler Pudleiner.

"He's loved the game since he was little and for him to be able to call a game and play with his band mate and his teammate and be there for him is huge," said Katie Pudleiner, Tyler's mom.

The Blackshirts lost this one 19-9. Despite that, this one will go down as a win.

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