Two teenager girls being investigated for setting bathroom on fire at Village Park

Pewaukee Police say two teen girls are at the center of a vandalism investigation at Kiwanis Village Park. 

She joins us now with the latest from investigators.

Police said those two high school students were turned over to their parents after they told police they set the women's bathroom here on fire.

According to police the two girls set a trash bin on fire inside the back stall.

No one was hurt but the damage to the bathroom is extensive.

The village is waiting for experts to come and make an estimate on just how much it will cost to fix.

As far as the motive for the fire, the police tell me it wasn't malicious.

This is the latest in a string of acts of vandalism here at the park but police don't believe they are all related.

The park is still open the building will stay closed for repairs until further notice.

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