Two sentenced in brutal beating posted on Snapchat

NOW: Two sentenced in brutal beating posted on Snapchat

Two of the three people accused of brutally beating a young man to death and posting it to Snapchat appeared in court Friday to learn their punishment.

Brandon Katzfey got 13 years in prison and Sarah Zakzesky was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Both plead guilty to first degree homicide earlier this year.

In court Friday, the state argued that the victim in this case, Delvin Mendoza Chapparo, never stood a chance. The state's attorney said the two stood back and watch as Mendoza Chapparo was killed, and subjected his family to torture by putting the video on social media. But the state attorney also said that Brandon Katzfey and Sarah Zakzesky helped prosecute the other defendant in this case, and their cooperation should be rewarded.

One of the defendants said she let this happen because she's a follower, and always has been, "If I had acted I could haved saved his life and I didn't. I should've said no and I didn't," said Zakzesky.

Devin Katzfey, the third defendant in this case and the person accused of the most responsibility in this crime, will be sentenced on September 8.

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