Two River Hills Police Squad Cars Hit in a Month

NOW: Two River Hills Police Squad Cars Hit in a Month

Two officers conducting traffic stops were hit by drivers in the span of a month. Sgt. Milton Mrozak wants drivers to pay attention and remember the move over law.

"At this point this is not normal,” Mrozak said. “I've worked 27 years and we haven't had two similar occur so close in proximity but we've had our share of experiences over the course of my career."

The first crash happened after a driver fell asleep and hit a parked squad car. The police officer had his car parked in an unmarked Tahoe in the median monitoring traffic.

The second crash happened several days ago. Dash cam video shows the squad shaking and debris flying as a driver gets to close and crashes into it. 

It happened during a traffic stop, as the officer was trying to open the door. In this case since the officer had his lights on the move over law applies.

Drivers who violate the move over law, could pay up to $250 and get their license revoked.

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