Trump supporter returning from DC: 'I would do it again'

NOW: Trump supporter returning from DC: ’I would do it again’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Barbara Dower from Kenosha decided to go to Washington D.C. three weeks ago, after the president told his supporters to come.

"I was waiting for him to tell us to come," said Dower.

She went to raise her voice with her daughter.

"That's our house definitely, when I hear Congress talk about the people's house, hello people," said Dower.

She said Congress was not listening.

"There's five states that broke their own election laws, that can't be tolerated, that tainted the electoral period," said Dower.

She was part of a group that pushed past the barricades and crowded the Capitol doors after she said police backed off.

"My intent was to get to the doors open and make sure that our voices were heard, everybody I spoke to had no intent of going in," said Dower.

People surrounding her began to get more aggressive, chants of "let us in" can be heard on her cellphone video.

Dower said rioters should not have broken into the building, but she believed, without evidence, many were Antifa members infiltrating the Trump protest.

"You can throw a Trump hat on or a Trump T-shirt on, but you can't change your demeanor when you've got that much hate in you," said Dower.

She is proud to have been there.

"I think its a historical moment," said Dower.

And said she would gladly go back.

"I had a -- I loved it, I would do it again, yes, I would absolutely 100 (percent)," said Dower.

Dower said rioters who damaged the Capitol should be arrested and charged, but she said Congress should not have certified Joe Biden's electoral victory.

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