Trump, Pence And Kaine Will Campaign in Wisconsin this Weekend

CBS 58—The final weekend before the election will bring both campaigns back to Wisconsin.

“Campaigns are very transparent, all we have to look to see where the candidates and where the VP candidates are and that tells you what they're worried about,” said Dr. Mordecai Lee, a University of Milwaukee professor.

The latest Marquette law school poll put Hillary Clinton six points ahead of Donald Trump; a small enough margin that both candidates are campaigning hard in the state.

“We've suddenly, out of nowhere, become the center of the world,” Lee said. “The most important place because for a candidate to be in Wisconsin the weekend before the election, two days before the election, that tells you how important Wisconsin is.”

Mike Pence will make a stop in Wisconsin Saturday. The next day, Donald Trump is scheduled to appear in West Allis, his sixth visit to the state during the general election.

Hillary Clinton hasn't visited Wisconsin since April, but her running mate Tim Kaine made stops in Appleton and Madison on Tuesday and will be back in the state on Sunday.

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