Trump election lawsuit set for Thursday; judge says request is 'bizarre'

NOW: Trump election lawsuit set for Thursday; judge says request is ’bizarre’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Time is running out for President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn Wisconsin's election results.

Three separate cases are winding their way through hearings.

A federal judge in a case filed by the president himself set a trial for next week.

The president has asked the court to send the election to the Wisconsin legislature.

The team of attorneys asked the court to act quickly because the presidential electors cast their votes in ten days.

"This is an unusual case obviously, there is a time component to it," said U.S. District Court Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump appointee.

Trump's attorney Bill Bock summed up the case in one sentence.

"Essentially what we're asking for is the court to declare under the terms of the constitution the election was a failed election," said Bock.

But Ludwig seemed confused.

"Why are doing anything in this court?" asked Ludwig.

"The legislature has chosen to appoint electors through an election," said Bock.

"I have a very, very hard time seeing how this is justiciable in the federal court, I also have real questions, the request to remand this case also strikes me as really bizarre," said Ludwig.

Ludwig set a trial for Thursday, December 10 and gave the attorneys representing the governor, Wisconsin Elections Commission, and the president just a few days to turn in their briefings.

"This case could and should have been filed weeks ago," said City of Milwaukee attorney Jim Carroll.

Bock said they will likely call up to seven witnesses who either worked in various election posts or were observers. He said they're still finishing their list.

"We've only been on the case a few days ourselves," said Bock.

The Democratic National Committee is trying to take part in the case too. Its attorney argued Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election.

"Those electoral votes we submit belong to our nominees," said Charles Curtis.

A state court hearing followed this one to schedule when the Trump campaign can challenge the recount. A second federal judge overseeing a similar case set deadlines on Monday and Tuesday.

Attorneys and courts are trying to finalize these cases before December 14 when the presidential electors cast their votes.

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