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Trestle Trail shooter had homicidal thoughts before shooting

The Trestle Trail shooter's ex-fiance described him to police as depressed and having homicidal and suicidal thoughts before the shooting, according to a report from Menasha Police Department.

The shooting at Trestle Trail Bridge in the Town of Menasha on May 3 ended with 4 dead and one severally injured.

The first 911 call came in at 7:30 pm. to the Winnebago County Dispatch.

When officers arrived on scene they were told of a Erin Stoffel being shot and was near the entrance to the Trestle Trail. After finding Stoffel, Town of Menasha officers noticed others were down in the middle of the Trestle Trail.

There were four victims on the bridge and one was breathing but the other three there had no signs of life.

One of the victims was Erin Stoffel's daughter. Another was Erin's husband, Jon. Another victim was Adam Bentdahl.

Neenah Police Department, Winnebago County Sheriff's Department, Wisconsin State Patrol and Appleton Police Department arrived on the scene to assist the Town of Menasha Police Department.

Ballistics evidence identified the shooter as having a hand gun.

Haylie Peterson identified the shooter at the scene as her ex-fiance. Peterson identified the shooter as Sergio Valencia Del Toro. They had been together for 3 years.

Peterson heard from a neighbor who was a volunteer firefighter of the shooting. She ran into their room and noticed fire arms and his bicycle was missing.

She felt he was the shooter based on his early state of mind.

She recognized her fiance when he went by her on the gurney by his tattoos.

He told her the last time he saw her, he didn't feel like she loved him anymore. Del Toro, also, said he didn't see any point in life any more if he didn't have her.

Haylie Peterson was very emotional and collapsed to the ground at the scene.

Peterson told officers the shooter he had been suffering with depression and had been receiving treatment for depression. She indicated he was no longer on medication. He had been prescribed Prozac for a while and then Zoloft.

Peterson said throughout the day, she had been talking to Del Toro about their relationship issues. At some point during the day the shooter began drinking alcohol. He attempted to go take her to the Trestle Trail Bridge with him and she declined. She was going out to dinner with her family and she wanted to him to go along.

She had wanted to break up with him for some time. She stated that she had felt he was a sociopath. Peterson said they were having on-again / off-again relationship problems. She had called off the wedding a month and half before the shooting. She felt they were more friends than lovers and wanted to get back to a point where they could eventually get married again.

She had a bad feeling the whole way home from dinner and felt that she was going find him in the house dead. Because he had threatened to on previous occasions. She never reported the suicidal threats.

She did not come across any notes or anything at the residence.

He had planned on joining the Army and going to basic training in June.

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