Tremper High School "Golden Strings" Orchestra plays across the world

NOW: Tremper High School “Golden Strings“ Orchestra plays across the world

The Tremper High School Golden Strings Orchestra has been around since 1972, and has traveled to several continents to give live performances.

Faith Flores says being part of a world-traveling orchestra is a lot of work.

"We meet every week. We spend so much time throughout the summer, and it's just a lot of fun."

Director Nancy Nosal picked up the program from her father when he retired in the 90s.

"We've been to Asia, Mexica, all over the United States and Europe, and are going to be doing some of that this year also touring Florida and South Carolina."

And when their finished, many play professionally or in college, like Senior Blair Weisenger plans to, but she says it's tough to leave the group behind.

"It's said, but it's also enjoyable because I had a lot of fun with this group, and made a lot of memories. I just really enjoyed it."

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