Tornado Ready gives 25th talk reaching over 5,000 students

NOW: Tornado Ready gives 25th talk reaching over 5,000 students

WIND LAKE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Over the past several months CBS 58 has been showing you videos and photos of our Ready Weather team at school talks and presentations. The Tornado Ready presentation is one of those programs that takes awesome weather video combined with weather stats to create a presentation that is great for elementary students.

Students learn the ingredients in the atmosphere needed for severe weather and tornadoes and all the different types of severe weather we get in Wisconsin. The crowd favorite is always the liquid nitrogen cloud that shows the explosive process need to create thunderstorms.

Wednesday's presentation at Lakeview Elementary in Wind Lake was the 25th Tornado Ready talk. About 350 students attended the talk, but some presentations have had over 600 or 700 students. To date, over 5,000 students are "Tornado Ready" with over 8,000 expected by the end of the school year with 40 schools reached.

Each student that attends the presentation gets a booklet talking about severe weather and what to expect. In that booklet is a tear of a Ready Spot which is the place students and their families want to go during a tornado warning.

Click here to learn more about Tornado Ready and sign your school up for next year.

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