Tom Brady Hopes Trump Wins Presidency

(CBSSports) Thanks to Donald Trump, Tom Brady might not ever have to answer another question about Deflategate.

During Brady's weekly press conference on Wednesday, the Patriots quarterback was asked more questions about Trump (two) than he was about Deflategate (zero), something he didn't seem to mind.

Although Brady isn't yet sure if he's going to vote for Trump, he did admit on Wednesday that he'd like to see the media mogul win the 2016 presidential election.

"I hope so. That would be great," Brady said when asked if Trump has what it takes to win. "There would be a putting green on the White House lawn. I'm sure of that."

Trump has been a popular topic around Brady ever since Sept. 5, when a Trump hat showed up in Brady's locker at Gillette Stadium.

The hat was still in his locker on Wednesday, so someone asked Brady why he decided to keep it.

"I just thought it was a nice keepsake," Brady said. "It was a nice piece of memorabilia he sent me."

Brady and Trump have known each other since 2002, when the Patriots quarterback served as a judge at the Miss USA pageant. The pageant is run by the Miss Universe organization, which was partially owned by Trump until he sold it earlier this week.

The friendship has now lasted for over a decade, and the two used to regularly play golf before Brady's kids were born.

So is Brady going to vote for Trump?

The Patriots quarterback answered that question on Sept. 9.

"I don't know," Brady said.

Although Brady didn't commit to voting for "The Donald," the Patriots quarterback did offer Trump a few compliments.

"He's a good friend," Brady said. "It's been pretty amazing what he's been able to accomplish as an entrepreneur and then, really, as a television star, and now he's running for political office. People who can do those type of things and transition into different arenas and still have that type of appeal and carryover. He's obviously appealing to a lot of people."

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