To chase or not: The question of a high speed chase

KENOSHA -- Since July 22nd there have been three high speed chases in Southeastern Wisconsin that yielded four arrests.

Some of the most dramatic video to emerge from those chases is from Kenosha.


On July 22nd, a deputy with the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department was in a chase with a wanted felon from Milwaukee.


CBS 58 spoke with Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth about his department's policy of when or when not to get into a pursuit.


He explained that there is no exact checklist his deputies go by when making the tough decision to get into a chase, but there are things they consider when pulling out of one.


He cited the risks to others, the time of day, and traffic flow as examples.


The deputy going after the suspect on July 22nd pulled off the chase and alerted other departments to be on the lookout.


That suspect was eventually arrested after crashing.


Sheriff Beth warns that other drivers need to be on alert, but is aware that is easily said than done with noise on the highway.


He asks drivers to pull to the right, but only if they can.


Sheriff Beth added that one of the worst things a person can do is make a rapid change because that can easily result in a crash.

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