TitletownTech invests in company focused on diagnosing concussions founded by Beaver Dam sisters

NOW: TitletownTech invests in company focused on diagnosing concussions founded by Beaver Dam sisters

(CBS 58) -- A business with Wisconsin ties is getting a boost from TitletownTech.

TitletownTech is a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft to invest and support early-stage and existing businesses.

Oculogica is a digital health company that developed the first FDA-approved device for concussion diagnosis.

"A very, very small percentage of brain injury is due to football," Oculogica founder and neurosurgeon Dr. Uzma Samadani said. "The vast majority of brain injury in the state Wisconsin and the United States is due to two causes: one is falls and the other is car accidents."

Samadani and her sister, Rosina, run Oculogica. The two are from Beaver Dam.

Their goal is to change the way brain injuries are diagnosed and defined.

Through Oculogica, the EyeBOX was created. The device uses technology to track eye movement to determine if a person has a concussion.

In a press release, the following statement was released by the managing director of TitletownTech:

“Oculogica has developed ground-breaking technology that will change how doctors, hospitals, parents and athletes diagnose and manage head injuries,” Jill Enos said.

The EyeBOX will be used to continue ongoing research into concussions and diagnosis. TitletownTech is leading an $8 million round of funding for Oculogica. 

"I think it just goes to show you that the people who are involved with the Packers have player health at their heart, they are interested in what's best not only for players who are potentially at risk for incurring brain injury, but also for society that is at risk of incurring brain injury," Dr. Samadani said. 

Leaders at TitletownTech say the investment will exponentially help treatment and the recovery process of concussions. 

More information can be found on the TitletownTech and Oculogica websites. 

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