Tips to keep your home, car safe in cold weather

NOW: Tips to keep your home, car safe in cold weather

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It was a busy day at Monroe Muffler Brake and Service Sunday. 

One of the biggest issues customers were having was flat tires. 

The assistant manager said that's one of the biggest complaints with cold weather and vehicles. He suggests filling tires up with a little more air than normal to help with the cold weather. 

The other big issue with the weather and cars is dead car batteries. 

"Every car that we’ve had come in here, we’ve tested the battery and every single one of them said replace. The colder it gets, the harder it is for the car to start, so cold weather, especially right now, 5 degrees, it will be extremely hard on the battery," said Robert Pepin, Assistant Manager at Monroe Muffler Brake & Service. 

Pepin suggests getting a battery charger known as a trickle charger to help with the cold. 

A spokesperson for We Energies also had tips for the cold weather. 

One is to clear pipes from your home that connect to the furnace of snow. If those get clogged, that can be a carbon monoxide danger. 

The other thing to be careful with is the meters on your home.

"We haven’t seen it yet, but invariably when there’s heavy snows, people with shovels or snow blowers or if they actually have someone come in and plow they’ll accidentally hit the meter and if they do, they can do both damage to the meter and cause a gas leak," said Brian Mathey, Spokesperson for We Energies. 

If you have any concerns about your meter at all, Mathey says for people to contact We Energies.

For contact information, click here. 

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