Tight race between Vukmir, Nicholson days before election

Kevin Nicholson says he's the outsider in the Republican Senate primary.

"From my time in the Marine Corps, to my time in business, to my time as a husband and a father, you know i haven't hung around politics my whole life," Nicholson said.

His endorsements reflect that. The Delafield businessman has no endorsements from major Wisconsin politicians, but the support of Senators Ted Cruz, R-TX, Mike Lee, R-UT, and Wisconsin Right to Life.

Leah Vukmir points to her track record as a Wisconsin state senator.

"We have literally transformed the state of Wisconsin into what I would call an economic miracle," Vukmir said.

Vukmir has the endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, the Wisconsin Republican Party and the NRA.

Both candidates are very much in line with President Donald Trump, even on tariffs, which Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI, has consistently spoken against.

"What he's doing is clearly effective because look at the E.U. Right now they are coming back to the negotiation table and eliminating tariffs," Nicholson said.

"I, like the president, believe in free markets," Vukmir said. "But the president also believes in fair markets, and our farmers feel as though they're not getting a fair shake right now."

The race is tight. Vukmir held a two point lead in the most recent Marquette Poll. Nicholson lead the NBC/Marist poll by 10 points, the Emerson poll was a tie, and Nicholson held a 2.7 point average polling lead on Real Clear Politics.

"This is about the future of our nation," Nicholson said. "That's why i'm running. To save this republic and make sure it's here, not just for us here today, but for our children."

"The stakes are high," Vukmir said. "The problems are great in Washington, and we need to send a proven, consistent conservative to Washington."

Both candidates trail incumbent Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-WI, in the polls by more than 10 points.

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