Three People Charged in Suspicious Dodge County Death

On Sunday, December 4 in the late afternoon Dodge County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to Fox Lake for a death investigation. 

At 3:48 PM the dispatch center received a call from Vernon Mickey reporting a possible homicide at 100 We Go Trail in Fox Lake. Vernon told dispatch he lived at the home with his girlfriend identified as Marjorie Jones and her son Laverne Ware. Vernon told dispatch that Marjorie and Laverne were involved in the homicide and called police from a different location.

Vernon told police that Laverne's girlfriend, Sesalie Dixon, had been missing since Saturday night and that he believed blood in the garage was hers but no body was found. 

When police arrived, they found a dead woman in a blue Ram 2500 pickup truck belonging to Laverne Ware, Jr. after observing blood dripping from the truck from the front passenger door seams. When police talked to Laverne he said that he had been driving the truck all day the previous day.

According to the Medical Examiner's report, Sesalie appeared to have died several hours before police arrived due to the fact that blood inside the truck was dry in spots. 

Police took Laverrne Ware into custody and brought Vernon Mickey and Marjorie Jones to the Fox Lake Police Station for questioning.

When police questioned Marjorie Jones she said that Laverne's girlfriend Sesalie was also her niece. She also told police that she did not know what was in her garage and said she didn't know where Sesalie was. When police asked Marjorie where she was Friday night she told them that she was "taking the fifth."

When police questioned Vernon Mickey he said that Laverne had left with his girlfriend Sesalie Saturday night and when they returned he saw the truck with blood under it. Vernon said that Laverne threatened him and said, "he ain't going to leave no witnesses." Vernon told police that Laverne never fully admitted to killing Sesalie, but said, "she left me."

Vernon Mickey and Marjorie Jones were charged with harboring or aiding a fellon and Laverne Ware was charged with hiding a corpse, and 

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