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"This situation is very hard for all of us:" Two facing charges after fights erupt outside Milwaukee courtroom

Four people arrested after a courthouse fight but tonight, only two facing charges.

A criminal complaint reveals both are teenagers and have been charged with Disorderly Conduct. Their cases only add more stress to two families already in pain.

Tempers flared after an emotional day last week in Milwaukee County Court. People were pushed to the floor and others were restrained by sheriff's deputies.

According to authorities, 19-year-old Taylor Morehouse started yelling before a punch was thrown at the family of baby Zion. The child was burned in scalding hot bath water. The woman accused, who is close to Morehouse, had just been sentenced to prison.

"I've been helping her with Zion since he's been born. I would never intentionally hurt Zion," said defendant Kelly Walton.

"She's caused alot of harm that will last him a lifetime," said Grandmother Donna Roy.

"The separation of my sister has been very hard. We've never been without each other and we've never been in any serious trouble," said Laura Walton, the sister of the defendant.

The criminal complaint states Morehouse tried to punch someone else, forcing a deputy to restrain her hands to avoid getting hurt. Investigators say Zion's mother kept provoking the group of women, she had to be held against a wall to stop.

"This situation is very hard for all of us."

Both women are both out of custody and face a fine and jail time. They're due back in court next month.

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