"This is the third time now:" Neighbors in Oak Creek say coal dust still an issue

NOW: “This is the third time now:“ Neighbors in Oak Creek say coal dust still an issue

OAK CREEK, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Neighbors in Oak Creek say they were hit with yet another round of coal dust over the weekend.

 They're blaming We Energies for not doing enough to fix the problem and say pretty much the same thing happened roughly three weeks ago.

Residents say they found the dust on their vehicles on Sunday. Some say they have started regularly checking the slides at a playground nearby to get a general rea don the situation.

Neighbors say the problems started with the addition of the so-called 'north pile' last year. Eric Jeske says it was especially noticeable after returning from a two-day trip.

"We came back yesterday and it was parked here all weekend and it was full of dust already," said Jeske, an Oak Creek resident for 10 years.

A spokesperson for We Energies says something different. After reviewing the case, they believe the dust is residual dust left over from an incident on March 5.

They say, currently, the coal pile at the Oak Creek plant is saturated with suppressive chemicals and engineers say no dust was blowing off the pile on March 25. 

Neighbors disagree, however.

"We got free car washes from We Energies and that's what we actually used to wash the car and there was nothing on it when we left."

"All their water cannons don't reach high enough and they were told that numerous times. I told them right out that we're going to get it again. Every time we get an east wind, if you don't water it, we're going to get coal. And we've got coal. This is the third time now," said Greg Mallard, an Oak Creek resident for 17 years. 

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