This is how cold it is

(CNN) -- It's so cold that it seems just about everyone is reaching for a metaphor, obscure factoid or descriptive term of epic proportions to tell everyone else just how cold it is.


Here are some of our favorites:


You could warm up in Siberia!


Technically, that's true. That's because Siberia is huge. As temperatures dropped to unbelievable lows in much of U.S., it did get colder than the Russian city of Tobolsk in Siberia. But when you think of Siberia, you probably imagine the more brutal, bitter, biting cold of a place like Dzalinda, where temperatures have been hanging out at about minus 55 degrees Monday and Tuesday. Amazingly, with wind chill, parts of the northern U.S. felt that low Tuesday.


It's colder than the surface of Mars!


\"The chill is running so deep in (Minnesota) that it's not only colder than in the lands above the Arctic Circle, it's actually colder than some of the daily temperatures on Mars -- you know, the planet 78 million miles further from the Sun on average,\" the Smithsonian wrote in a blog.


Mars has a lot of different temperatures and a different environment, of course. It gets as low as 225 degrees below zero, according to NASA.


It's warmer in Sochi, Russia, than Atlanta!


That's true. And, to those of us who live in the A-T-L, completely unacceptable. Do you see our city trying to host the Olympics? The winter ones, that is.


An escaped jail inmate turned himself in to warm up!


Yup, according to CNN affiliate WLEX in Lexington, Kentucky.


Central Park broke a record!


Indeed. New York's Central Park has never been this cold -- on this date. It has, however, been colder on other dates. The lowest ever: 15 below zero in 1934.


OK, your turn. What do you got? 

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