"They've been underperforming for years:" Fans react to Bucks coaching change

NOW: “They’ve been underperforming for years:“ Fans react to Bucks coaching change

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Most people we talked to in Milwaukee describe themselves as Bucks fans, but there's not a lot of love lost in this move to get rid of Coach Kidd.

While some fans say they approve of his roots with the team and his general attitude, others say he inhibited the team's growth and didn't use the resources he was given which reflected in the Bucks current standing as an 8-seed.

"They've been underperforming for years now and it starts to get under your skin a little as a fan and I think the fans are all really encouraged by this move," said Josh Fricano, a clutch crew member.

"There's been some surprising things as far as rotations at various times. But who am I to question what he's doing. There's always a reason behind those things rotation-wise and limited minutes and those things," said David Walker, a Bucks season ticket holder. 

Some of the fans we talked to are expecting an interesting atmosphere at tonight's game.

Tip-off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

For more fan reaction, see below.

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