'They did not consent to have their photos taken:' Former Horlick High School wrestling coach expected to stand trial

NOW: ’They did not consent to have their photos taken:’ Former Horlick High School wrestling coach expected to stand trial

RACINE, Wis. (CBS58)-- A former  volunteer wrestling coach for Horlick High appeared in court Thursday, May 20. Sixty-year-old Benigno Velasquez faces a list of criminal charges including sexual assault of a child and child pornography.

“Testimony was there were numerous photos of naked student athletes in the locker room. They’re high school students. They did not consent to have their photos taken," Alice Rudebusch said. She is the judicial court commissioner. 

Velasquez is accused of “grabbing wrestlers by the groin”.  According to a criminal complaint, Velasquez was seen recording student wrestlers as "they were coming out of shower".

Two of the victims came forward to police after learning Velasquez was facing a child enticement charge.

“He stated during the time there that during the practices as well as other times, that he had been touched," Pete Boeck said. He is the an officer with the Racine Police Department.  

“There’s also been several other times away from the campus, the actual high school campus, that he had been touched within Benigno’s home, Boeck said. 

Mt. Pleasant police searched Velasquez’s home in march. They found photos of wrestlers backsides and genitals on his computer.

“We located images that we were able to identify as coming from the Horlick High School men's locker room, changing area," Boeck said. 

They are still working to identify all of the victims. 

Velasquez’s attorney says if they don’t know some of the haven’t identified some victims how will investigators determine they were under age."

“To the individuals that you have not identified yet, because you have not identified them yet you do not have know or have any information regarding their age at the time of the photos, that’s correct," Grant Henderson said. He is Velasquez's defense attorney.

The victims' attorney says two students the lawyer representing two students say they told administration about his behavior but nothing changed.

“How many times has this happened where students are coming forth to responsible adults, not only responsible adults, but employees, coaches, athletic directors about very serious concerns, valid complaints and these issues are swept under the rug," Drew DeVinney said. He is representing the victims in this came. 

“Nothing happened in regards to the coaches or the athletic director saying anything to Benigno Velasquez. However, he stated he did disapper for a week or two following that but ended up returning back as an assistant coach, Boeck said. 

Velasquez is due back in court Thursday, May 27. 

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