"They Could Lure Kids"; Registered Sex Offenders living near "Poke-Stops" in Milwaukee

As Pokemon Go continues to sweep the nation, CBS-58 has uncovered a new concern with the popular game.

Dozens of "Poke Stops" visited by players in Milwaukee, sit just feet from the homes of registered sex offenders.

We uncovered at least a dozen such locations, including the corner of 23rd and Greenfield Ave, where 5 registered sex offenders live within 2 blocks of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, a "Poke Stop" on the game.

     "The potential is obviously there for someone to use it for criminal activity," says Wauwatosa Police Lt. Brian Zalewski. 

On Thursday, a registered sex offender in Indiana was arrested after police found him playing Pokemon Go with kids outside of a courthouse.

That courthouse is one of a handful of Poke Stops in Greenfield, Indiana. 

By dropping what's called a "lure module", players can attract additional Pokemon characters to a location for 30 minutes. 

     "You can see tons of people flocking to that area because they know Pokemon are going to be there," says player Jaime Torres.

We found Torres taking advantage of a poke stop at Mitchell Park Domes, where a lure module attracted a crowd of players Thursday evening. 

He says he tends to avoid Poke Stops in questionable areas. 

      "With pedophiles and stuff, they could easily put up those lure modules and lure unsuspecting little kids," says Torres. 

      "You don't know who's in these areas, you don't know who's trying to lure specific people to these areas, and it's obviously a concern," says Zalewski.

      "The best way to deal with it is to be preventative, to spread the word that this is something people should be aware of." 

Police recommend checking your neighborhood for registered offenders before sending your kids out to play the game. Better yet, walk with your children while they play.

You can check for offenders in your neighborhood by clicking here.

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