The Most Fashionable Dog on the Internet: Menswear Dog

(CBSNews) When most people envision a dapper menswear model, they probably don't immediately drum up a mental image of their dog ... but most people don't have a dog like Bodhi.

Known to Instagrammers everywhere as "Menswear Dog," this pup is setting standards far beyond those that typically come to mind for man's best friend, and his owner Yena Kim is intent on keeping it that way.

Bodhi, a Shiba Inu, joined the household as a 3-month-old pup, and it only took one rainy weekend for his inner fashion star to shine.

"It was a random rainy weekend about three years ago. My partner Dave and I were bored indoors with Bodhi and thought it would be funny to drape a cardigan on him as a joke," said Kim. "We fully expected him to shake it off and run away, but instead, he sat still and started smiling."

And Menswear Dog was born. Bodhi has since partnered with dozens of fashion brands and has become accustomed to modeling items from Barney's, Saks and Bloomingdale's.

"For appearances, I custom design and tailor Bodhi's clothes so they are comfortable and fit him perfectly," Kim explained.

While Bodhi is no stranger to the red carpet and flashing lights, his favorite projects allow him to be one with nature.

"I did a shoot with him at a mountain cabin and it's one of my favorite photo shoots to date because I remember how much he enjoyed the fresh air," said Kim. "He makes the best faces when he's happy, so it was a win-win situation."

While Bodhi seems to love his gig as Instagram's most fashionable dog, it seems that his favorite things to do involve spend time with his loving family.

"Every morning, Bodhi sits next to me while I have my morning coffee and we start the day listening to music and cuddling a bit," says Kim. "I'm excited for all the memories to come!"

It's safe to say that Instagram is just as excited as Kim to share in those memories.

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