The Bottom Line: Enforcing No Call

Wisconsin -- Telemarketing calls can be annoying and intrusive and that's why in 2003 lawmakers passed a state No Call Law.

\"A consumer that wants to limit the number of calls they get puts their phone number on a list and then that list goes to telemarketers and the telemarketers know not to call that number,\" explained Administrator of the Division of Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), Sandy Chalmers.\"

Wisconsin is one of the first states to have a No Call Law in place. Chalmers said they set the trend for other states.

\"Consumers complain more frequently about getting telemarketing calls than anything else they complain to us about,\" she said.

There are things you should do in order to limit the number of telemarketing calls you receive.  You have to re-register with DATCP every two years.  

There are some exceptions to the No Call Law; people who can solicit you over the phone.

  • Calls made to an existing customer - for example, calls from: the bank you have a checking account with, your phone company or your credit card company.

  • Calls made in response to your written or verbal request or permission.

  • Calls encouraging you to make a donation of property, goods or services to a \"nonprofit organization.\"

  • Calls encouraging you to purchase property, goods or services from a \"nonprofit organization\" unless sale proceeds are subject to Wisconsin sales tax or federal income tax.

  • Calls made for noncommercial purposes such as polls, surveys and political purposes.

  • Calls made to a business telephone number.

  • A call made by an individual acting on his or her own behalf, and not as an employee or agent of any other person.

DATCP said you can stop most of these solicitations by just asking the agencies or non-profits not to call any more.

To file a complaint with DATCP click here.

To sign up for the No Call List click here.


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