'That's scary': Reckless driver caught driving on sidewalk near Bradford Beach

’That’s scary’: Reckless driver caught driving on sidewalk near Bradford Beach

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- A reckless driver was caught on camera near Bradford Beach on Saturday, May 22. The video shows the driver driving on a sidewalk.

“That’s scary, there’s a lot of kids and older people and people who wouldn’t be paying attention who could’ve got hit by that car," Kathy Gotcher said.

She was hanging out at Bradford Beach on Sunday, May 23. 

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office says it responded to reckless driver call around 6 pm on Saturday. The car crashed on Lincoln Memorial Drive near the entrance to McKinley Marina. The driver got out of the car and left the scene before deputies arrived.

“We don’t want to have a crash and lose someone’s loved one. I don’t want to be in a car crash and get hit by a reckless driver as I’m driving on the road because someone’s driving on the sidewalk going 100 miles," Tom Trentadue said. He attends UMW. 

CBS 58 told you about another reckless driving incident in April. 

A driver drove on a sidewalk near 29th and Glendale. He was trying to get away from police.

“There’s so much they can do for reckless driving and so many people can get in a day so people should driver safer," Trentadue said. 

“I feel like I need to stay very alert when I drive," Gotcher said. 

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office says that car was listed as stolen. It was turned over to the Milwaukee Police Department.

There were no injuries were reported.

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