'That’s my dream job:' Kenosha Achievement Center creating possibilities for people with special needs

NOW: ’That’s my dream job:’ Kenosha Achievement Center creating possibilities for people with special needs

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – An organization in Kenosha is celebrating 55 years of creating possibilities and supporting people with special needs.

The Kenosha Achievement Center continues to make a name for itself, as are the people who they assist.

“My dad told me to get a job and have a future and responsibilities in my future,” 23-year-old Mahmood Alchaar said.

Alchaar is celebrating working at Culver’s for more than two years.

Staff at KAC say they first met him when he was a child. He returned to KAC as an adult with hopes to enter the workforce.

Alchaar earned the job at Culver’s after exploring several careers through KAC’s Summer Employment Exploration program. The program allows young adults with special needs to work at different jobs in order to figure out what they like and want to do with their future.

“I think that what we kind of miss as a community is that we talk about people with special needs so frequently and we identify them as being so different, but they’re not,” KAC CEO Chris Weyker said. “They’re people and they really deserve to have the same opportunities that everyone else has.”

Alchaar’s mom says his developmental disability doesn’t define him and the first time she saw him working, she cried.

“I never thought it would end up this good,” Sharon Alchaar said. “I’m proud of him. I’m blessed to have him as a son. I mean, he’s perfect, he’s the best. Whatever he does he tries to do the best he can in it. He loves his job.”

Now, after each shift, Mahmood and his mom enjoy a meal together.

“I always let her order first,” Mahmood said.

Mahmood tells CBS 58 he’s right where he wants to be.

“That’s my dream job there, my dream came true already.”

When he’s not working, Mahmood participates in a day program with KAC. At the end of the year, Sharon says Mahmood always donates a portion of the money he’s earned to charity.

KAC offers a variety of services for people of all ages and abilities. More information can be found on the KAC website.

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