Thanksgiving Day travel weekend sees a big boost

If you're not heading to the grocery store to buy your bird to cook on Thanksgiving Day, then you're probably planning your holiday travel arrangements.

Between the day before Thanksgiving through Sunday, AAA is predicting 850,000 people in Wisconsin will be driving to their holiday destination.

That's the highest number since 2007.

You can credit a better economy, and cheaper gas prices.

A gallon of regular is $0.44 lower compared to this time last year.

Drivers like Robert Shephard definitely appreciate it.

\"$44.00 for 16 gallons, and that's cheap”, said Shephard. “Normally I'm paying about $58.00 to $65.00 for 16 gallons.\"

It's no secret the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest bar night of the year.

In Milwaukee County, the Sheriff's Office is prepared.

\"We will respond with a free initiative beginning tomorrow called holiday operation safe drive\", said Sheriff David Clarke.

The goal will be to crack down on speeders, and arrest drivers who are intoxicated behind the wheel.

Deputies will also be on the lookout for unsafe and distracted driving.

Robert Shephard says he is traveling to Illinois to pick-up his mother and bring her to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving Day.

With the back and forth trip, he's planning ahead.

\"Pacing myself because it's only an hour and a half ride”, said Shephard. “Plan on getting up early, so I can get back, finish our Thanksgiving meal. Just make a safe travel there and back, and hope everybody else does the same.\"

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he's planning to have more than 100 deputies on patrol between Wednesday and Sunday.

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