"Thank you:" A Jackson boy visits police officer who helped save him from high water

“Thank you: “ A Jackson boy visits police officer who helped save him from high water

JACKSON (CBS 58) -- A 9-year-old boy named Gavin and his mom stopped by the Jackson Police Department to thank the officer who helped rescue him from high water. 

"Thanks for doing it and I'm sorry I got your clothes wet," said Gavin. 

Gavin was playing near the culvert in the Green Valley community. One of his friends dared him to go into the water, and he did. 

He was trapped as the rushing water weighed him down. Three adults who live in the neighborhood ran over to help. 

Officer Kyle Henning was patrolled in the are when he saw all the commotion.

"I noticed a group of people, couldn't tell what it was but you could see the water and arms sticking out of it," said Henning.  On the dash camera video, you can see Henning running over to the group as the adults at the scene were trying to get him out.

Henning gets in the water and gets under the boys arms and tries to yank him out. 

"I was able to twist myself and him enough to get him out of the water vortex," Henning said. 

Henning said he was not able to do it without the help from neighbors. "It was three other people and me, I may be a first responder but I was second to them."

Thursday afternoon, Gavin and his mom Taylor stopped by to say "Thank you." 

“I’d like to thank them with all my heart and everything they’ve done for me and my son because like I said he would not be here today," said Taylor Moederndorfer, Gavin's mom said. 

Police want to remind people to stay out of high water. 

“I am hoping parents educate their kids that this is deadly," said Henning. 

Officer Henning and the three adults will be honored at the village board meeting on September 11th. 

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