"Thank god for my brother:" 15-year-old boy rescues family from Muskego house fire

NOW: “Thank god for my brother:“ 15-year-old boy rescues family from Muskego house fire

MUSKEGO, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A 15-year-old boy rescued his family before their home was destroyed by a fire during an overnight fire in Muskego.

The cause of the fire remains unknown but the teen went back in twice to save his family and even went to the other unit to rescue his aunt.

"It was kind of like, I woke up and my cats are dead, my house burnt down, at least my mom and everyone's okay," said Darin Alsfelt.

Darin woke up to nothing. Overnight his house caught on fire. He wasn't there but his 15-year-old brother rescued the entire family when they woke up to flames.

"He said 'mom you're on fire' 'wait what, oh my god.' It was not okay. I thank God for my brother," said Darin.

Darin's mom had an oxygen tank and suffered second-degree burns on her arms but everyone else got out unharmed.

"My boyfriend's brother called me right away when it was happening. Afterwards, I was just like 'they don't have anything, what can I do to help'?" said Autumn Igowski who organized a GoFundMe for the family.

Autumn and a friend made a GoFundMe for the family who is now left with nothing.

"4 a.m. this morning it came together, we already got three beds, a couch, a bunch of plates and dishes, and Christmas presents for them," said Chloe Applegate who also helped to organize the GoFundMe.

The fundraiser asked for $100 but raised over $3,000 in just hours.

"My mom started crying, she's like 'people are so generous, it's just heartwarming'," said Alsfelt.

The family is still looking for their three cats. 

If you'd like to donate to the family, click here. 

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