Testimony could wrap up Thursday in Slender Man trial

NOW: Testimony could wrap up Thursday in Slender Man trial

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – Testimony could wrap up as soon as today in the Slender Man stabbing trial. A jury is trying to decide whether Anissa Weier was mentally ill or should be held legally responsible for the vicious stabbing of a classmate three years ago.

Weier’s lawyers will call one witness Thursday afternoon and the state says they don’t plan to call anyone.

Since the final witness wasn’t able to make it Thursday morning, they’re going to put off closings arguments until Friday and then the jury will begin deliberations.

On Thursday, psychologist Gregory Van Rybroek testified. Three doctors were appointed by the court to evaluate Anissa Weier’s mental health. So far, we’ve heard from two and they’ve given her the same diagnosis.

Weier’s lawyer says the third also diagnosed her with shared delusional disorder. Each doctor expressed she suffered a delusion that Slender Man was real at the time of the stabbing and the belief was so strong because Morgan Geyser shared the same delusion.

Dr. Van Rybroek says Anissa still suffers.

“When I met with her, I could feel the leftovers of that. Confusion, not sure, putting it into a religious demon. Not Slender Man, image of someone representing the devil.  I still could feel that. She said the words to me. You’re trying to understand it,” says Dr. Gregory Van Rybroek, court appointed psychologist.

Testimony from the third court appointed doctor will be heard Thursday afternoon. He was one of the first to assess Anissa back in 2014. He will also be the final witness.

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