Taste of summer before a strong cold front arrives

NOW: Taste of summer before a strong cold front arrives

Temperature for the past week and a half have been on the cooler side in the 50s and 60s but that changes Tuesday. Highs will rise into the upper 70s Tuesday and right around 80* for Wednesday. It's the warmest temps in about ten days and a nice return to summer. A strong cold front will arrive Wednesday night that will drop highs back into the 60s for the end of the week. 

In addition to some warmth the next 48 hours we will also see the humidity rise a little. Dew points will hit the low 60s Tuesday and Wednesday making it feel a little more humid than it has for the past week. As temperatures drop with the cold front the humidity will drop as well. 

In addition to low 60s for highs to end the week, we will see low temperatures get to some of the coldest levels since spring. Lows, even lakeside, will likely dip into the 40s and some isolated upper 30s for inland spots aren't out of the question Friday and Saturday mornings. Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to track the rising and falling temps.

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