Local woman shares labor experience, motherhood amid coronavirus outbreak

NOW: Local woman shares labor experience, motherhood amid coronavirus outbreak

(CBS 58) -- A local woman is sharing what her experience has been like becoming a mom during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Emoni Keller gave birth to her first baby on March 23. 

"It's a little stressful with everything going on," Keller said.

Keller said the birth wasn't how she pictured it to go because she was only allowed to have one person with her at the hospital.

"It was kind of sad because I did expect my mom to be there," she said. "She's definitely a big support for me and having to FaceTime her obviously wasn't the same."

Now at home, Keller is getting used to being a new mom and spending time with her baby girl, Kataleia.

"I'm only leaving the house for doctor's appointments," she said.

Experts say it is necessary for pregnant women, new moms and newborns to practice social distancing.

"During pregnancy women are known to have a weaker immune system and so that means you could be more susceptible to getting an infection," Dr. Camille Garrison with the Medical College of Wisconsin and Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Family Health Center said.

Dr. Garrison said right now it is not known if a pregnant woman can transfer COVID-19 to her baby.

"There are a lot of uncertainties with regards to how this will impact pregnant women and their infants," Garrison said.

Keller said only a few members of her family have been able to meet Kataleia in person, but knows that's what is best for now.

"Considering I do have a newborn, it is a lot scarier because her immune system is so fragile," Keller said. "Taking it day by day really."

The March of Dimes organization which works to improve the lives of mothers and children, now has a support fund set up to help pay for research on the effects of coronavirus.

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