Tactical Response Team Uses Chemical Agent to Force Subject out of Home after Foreclosure

Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department tactical response team used a chemical agent to force a suspect out of his home on Thursday.

The incident occurred on Thursday around 8:00 AM in the 4100 block of 22nd Avenue.

Tactical Response Team Commander responded to a residence in the 4100 block of 22nd Avenue to satisfy a foreclosure and eviction of the resident there. 

The Process Bureau personnel had information that the person inside the home was going to resist leaving the residence had barricaded himself in the building and was armed with a firearm.

When Deputies arrived they attempted to contact the occupant by knocking on the door but did not receive a response. 

According to Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office, the Deputies breached the door of the residence and found it to indeed be barricaded. 

Telephone contact was made with the occupant and he refused to come out, making threats to the officers on scene. 

Additional Tactical Response Team Personnel along with the Crisis Negotiator Unit, were summoned to assist. Negotiations continued with the subject inside of the residence for approximately three hours. 

The subject made repeated threats to the officers and to himself.  The decision was made to deploy a chemical agent into the house to get the subject to come out to the officers.

The chemical agent was effective and the subject exited the home and surrendered to the officers on scene. The subject from the residence was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation.  He did not claim any injuries.

After the surrender Deputies entered the home and located a loaded .38 caliber revolver on the floor where the subject stated he put it prior to his surrender.

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