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Sylville Smith's Family filed civil lawsuit against City of Milwaukee and ex-cop

Attorney David Owens announced following the Dominique Heaggan-Brown's verdict that Sylville Smith's family had filed a civil lawsuit. 

"This is a new beginning and that's the important thing. Justice will live to find another day," said Owens.

In the 25-page lawsuit it outlines why the Smith family believes Milwaukee Police was in the wrong. 

It states, "There were warning signs that should have prevented Heaggan-Brown from being an MPD officer in the first place."

"Someone we now know was engaged in all sorts of criminal conduct, shouldn't have been there," said Owens. 

Heaggan-Brown was found not guilty in the death of Sylville Smith Wednesday afternoon. 

"We intend to hold the City of Milwaukee responsible for practices which led to this violation of civil rights," said Owens. 

The lawsuit does not specify how much the family is asking for and no initial court date has been set. 

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