Suspects plow stolen car into Milwaukee woman's living room

NOW: Suspects plow stolen car into Milwaukee woman’s living room

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman and her son got an unpleasant surprise as they were getting ready for work Friday morning.

"I have a car in my living room window right now," said resident Lillie Dawson. 

The car slammed into Dawson's home near 33rd and Lloyd.

She says two young men got out of the car and jumped into a different car that was waiting for them. 

"I'm hurt, 'cause this is what I work hard for, for me and my son," Dawson said. "I have an older son and a grandson, I'm just hurt. 'Cause I go to work every day, five days out of the week, and to see something like this, it's hurtful."

Lillie Dawson says she got a little debris in her eye, but she's otherwise OK. 

Police say the car was stolen, and they are looking for the occupants of the vehicle.

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