Supplies stolen from Milwaukee's Fondy Farmers Market

NOW: Supplies stolen from Milwaukee’s Fondy Farmers Market

Someone broke into the Fondy Farmers Market on the north side of Milwaukee. Robber(s) got away with equipment and supplies that was stored in the office.

According to management, it happened sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

They don't want to disclose exactly what those items are, fearing it could happen again.

"The market office is where we have our electrical infrastructure, all of the many different supplies and items of equipment that we need to maintain and operate the market," said Jennifer Casey, executive director of Fondy Farmers Market.

Known as the largest and most diverse farmers market in Milwaukee with more than 50 vendors, food producers and craft makers -- they're feeling the impact. 

"One of the items that got damaged was the plumbing infrastructure, so the bathrooms are not open. We do not have any water at the market," Casey added.

As a result, people will have to use porta potties until repairs are made.

Community members said it's unfortunate this would happen to such a positive place in the neighborhood. "It brings shame," said Paulette Smith, resident of Milwaukee. "That place is designed to help the community, so it’s kinda sad people would go to that level, or extreme level to get money, for whatever purpose." 

Unfortunately there are no cameras on site, however, those in charge are in talks with City of Milwaukee officials to get surveillance in the near future.

Despite the robbery, the market will continue its operations four days week through October. 

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