Super Blood Moon Eclipse Dazzles Wisconsin (Slide-show)

The last time a Supermoon and a lunar eclipse happened at the same time was 1982 and the next time it will happen is a 2033. This is a once in a generation event and the clouds cleared out just in time for southeast Wisconsin.

After an overcast Sunday, the clouds cleared out right on time for most of Wisconsin to view the event.

The Supermoon officially rose at 6:33 PM in Milwaukee. The lunar eclipse began at 8:07 PM and will be fully eclipsed and appear blood red at 9:11 PM.

The full eclipse will last 72 minutes ending at 10:23 PM, but will reach peak status at 9:48 PM.

A supermoon is when a full or new moon happens at the same time as the perigee of the moon, when it is closest to Earth. The result is a full moon bigger and brighter than average.

A lunar eclipse is when the Earth's shadow passes in front of the moon.

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